Protected fat

Volac first became interested in high energy rumen protected fat products for ruminants in the late 1970’s, and pioneered the first and patented process to make Megalac protected fat.

Since then Megalac has become a globally accepted product – it is estimated that it has been fed to over 60 million cows worldwide!

Megalac and its associated product range for the UK market is made at the Volac protected fat factory in Liverpool, which is FEMAS Non-GM accredited.  This also means that these protected fats are available for prompt delivery, factory fresh to the farm or the feed mill.   

  • Mega-Flax

    Flaxpro is a combination of rumen protected fat and a concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acids from linseed. The ingredients in Flaxpro have been specifically selected and uniquely processed to improve milk production and fertility.
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